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A world of Antiques, Art, and Vintage Fine Consignment.

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Welcome to Bloomingdeals, a haven where the worlds of Antiques, Art, and Fine Consignment converge, creating a tapestry of history and creativity that captures the essence of the Gulf South. Our passion lies in sourcing and curating exceptional pieces that echo the region's rich cultural heritage.

Our weekly "Friday Lives on Facebook" are your window to the latest arrivals, offering an exclusive sneak peek into our diverse collection of consignment art, furniture, antiques, decor, and books. At Bloomingdeals, we believe that every piece has a story to tell, a memory to evoke, and a timeless charm that can transform spaces. With locations in Jacksonville, Mississippi, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we invite you to explore our carefully crafted showrooms and embark on a journey through the past, present, and everything in between.


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